• Alidosi Bridge

    Alidosi Bridge

    Visit the fantastic and historic Alidosi Bridge, and discover the unique architectural details.

  • Alidosi Bridge

  • Alidosi Bridge
  • Alidosi Bridge

Alidosi Bridge

The Alidosis bridge

A true masterpiece of Renaissance civil engineering, it has stood on the Santerno River for more than five hundred years. Man's genius or madness, the Alidosi Bridge features a humpback structure with a single 42-meter arch and a 19-meter arrow. Commissioned by Obizzo Alidosi in 1499 to master Andrea Gurrieri for five hundred gold ducats, the Bridge symbolizes the power and solidity of the Family.

The construction lasted more than twenty years, causing a thousand difficulties, but it certainly helped the commercial movement of the Santerno Valley, favoring Castel del Rio as a market area for agricultural products. Inside five rooms, probably built for structural reasons, allowed the guards to collect taxes and perhaps the possibility of locking prisoners.

Numerous restorations have occurred over time. Among the most important ones are 1715 and 1862 and 2011.

Proclaimed a national monument in the 1897, the rooms of the Bridge inspired the imagination of Magnus, the famous cartoonist, who repeatedly set his comics in these evocative and mysterious environments.

The visit to the internal rooms is allowed on the dates scheduled by the municipal administration, usually during the village festivals.

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Opening time

Opening time:

Sundays and holidays - 14: 00 | 18: 00

Phone: +39 335-7747616

Address: Via Montanara, 1, 40022 Castel del Rio BO

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