• Second Word War

    Second Word War

    Discover the events of the Gothic Line in the Second World War with a visit to the War Museum.

  • Second Word War

  • Second Word War

  • Second Word War

Castel del Rio in the Gothic Line - World War II

At the end of the 1944 summer, the outcome of the war was clear: the Nazis were withdrawing both in France and on the Russian front. In Italy, Kesselring began a long retreat from the 1943. The operation allowed the Todt Organization (German Corps of Engineers) to build an impressive line of defense in the northern Apennines. The Germans called it Grüne Linie, the green line, and for the Allies it was the Gothic line. Minefields, trenches, fortresses for the formidable Panther 75 mm, camouflage shelters for troops and a deep antitank pit helped Kesselring to hold out for as long as possible against the intense pressure of the allies.
The attack on the Gothic line began the August 30 in the Adriatic area, where the eighth army, led by General Alessandro, moved against the Nazis around Rimini. On the Apennines Gen. Clark concentrated three divisions (91 °, 34 ° and 85 °) in the central area, near the Futa Pass, and attacked the Nazi line the September 13. The fight lasted four days, until the Americans broke through the German Line of Defense; the overcoming of the Gothic line cost the allies about 3000 losses.
The Germans built new lines through the mountains on the Santerno River, while Clark replaced the 85 ° div. with the 88 °, known as Blue Devils.
The Blue Devils took about a week to conquer Castel del Rio, in the central part of the Valley, which soon became the head of the Allied advance. The 351 ° Regiment liberated the small village during the morning of the 27 September. At the same time the 351 ° Regiment was conquering Castel del Rio, the 350 ° was advancing on the right flank to the limit of the mountain that soon became the symbol of the entire Gothic Line campaign: Monte Battaglia. Its very name evokes a terrible destiny. During the morning of the September 28, the Germans began to attack with more than 1.500 men from the 715 Regiment, 44 ° and 4 ° Parachute Division. Although they succeeded in obtaining the ruins of the medieval castle three times, they were forced to turn back three times after a series of terrible fights. Monte Battaglia was defended until October 2 when the British replaced the Americans. The Germans did not retreat from the Monte Battaglia area, nor did the Allies manage to advance towards Imola. Due to too many losses, operations were limited until the spring of 1945 and waited on the so-called Gothic Line 2 in the middle of the Santerno valley, a few kilometers north of Monte Battaglia. Only in April of the 1945 the Germans were definitively defeated, thanks to the decisive contribution of the Italian troops: Friuli Div., Folgore and San Marco
and of the partisan action.

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