War reuse in Romagna: the Bruno Zama collection

In the 1918, the last soldiers descended from the heights and dug the last trenches in the plains, almost immediately they began an intense action of "reverse transport". Everywhere there were deposits of ammunition, bombs still loaded, equipment, objects of daily use - in addition to the dead still without burial.
Farmers, artisans, housewives and children began to recycle what the war had left on the battlefield and create all sorts of tools or tools that were necessary for everyday life.
The artifacts have thus become protagonists of civil life.
The first objects to be recycled were helmets. But not just everyday life had so many other needs.
The helmets were also used as buckets to collect fruit, funnels, chamber pots, nests, pots for cooking chestnuts, guards, ladles, colanders, crucibles or drilled for sowing. The wooden handles of Austrian hand grenades were used as handles for pots or wood to light the fire.
The reels of the telephone cable have been reused to make slippers, low chairs, bottles, demijohns.
This spontaneous process manifested itself above all in our region: behind the Gothic line, but not only, it spread and was organized, favoring here also the reconstruction of trade and the availability of metals for craftsmanship. The impressive collection of Bruno Zama, one of the greatest collectors in the world, is now inside the building, Alidosi rooms and offers, through objects, extraordinary examples of humanity and genius. In the images alongside the images of some objects on display.

réutiliser la guerre

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