The Museum hosts donations of war relics, original documents, images and texts on war themes by private individuals, organizations, Superintendencies, other collections and also by the Italian Army. Once taken in charge, objects and documents are collected and, if appropriate, exposed, in accordance with the wishes of the donors and in accordance with the indications of the Law. As for the testimonies, the eyewitness or indirect witnesses of events and events occurring during the passage of the Front, in the autumn / winter of the 1944-45, can apply directly to the desk of the Museum for registration and processing of information. The economic donations are entirely destined to initiatives of study and promotion of the museum.

Opening time

Opening time:

Sundays and holidays - 14: 00 | 18: 00

Phone: +39 335-7747616

Address: Via Montanara, 1, 40022 Castel del Rio BO

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