The association was founded in 1977 with the aim of collecting the war material, including many weapons, still held by private citizens. The outcome constituted the embryo of the future collection, then enriched over the years thanks to subsequent donations and acquisitions by the Italian Army. Today the War Museum - Linea Gotica Association is owner of the finds and manages the museum space, which together with the other collections (Animal Tower and Museo del Castagno) constitute the Alidosian Museum System. Active members are around 40.

From 2011 the president is the lawyer. dr. Stefano Giovannini, the Deputy is Dr. Valerio Calderoni

The Alidosian Museum System is directed by Dr. Stefano Sabioni.

Opening time

Opening time:

Sundays and holidays - 14: 00 | 18: 00

Phone: +39 335-7747616

Address: Via Montanara, 1, 40022 Castel del Rio BO

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