The museum ticket office is open from 14: 00 to 18: 00 on Sundays, public holidays and, on request, even on weekdays, telephone or fax numbers of the municipality of Castel del Rio 0542-95906 (from 9: 00 to 13: 00) or directly to Mobile: 349-1550195 (including SMS) and 335-7747616. At the desk at the entrance, publications and thematic war items are available mainly (but not exclusively) of the Gothic line and the Italian countryside.

Access to the groups is regulated as follows: for ordinary access on public holidays and in the standard hours, the admission price is € 4 for groups of 5 or more units; for weekdays and by appointment, access is agreed with the management. Excursions to places of battle are possible, including the battle of Monte and Monte Pratolungo, and / or the war cemeteries of Santerno Valley.

Access to students of all levels is guaranteed 7 / 7 days at the discounted price of 2 euro, booking at least 1 week before the date of the visit. It is possible for pupils and their carers to visit both museum spaces and battle sites, including Monte Battaglia, Pratolungo, and the cemeteries of the Santerno Valley War. The guides provide a picture of the events of the Gothic Line in the broader context of the 1944-45 autumn winter war, with specific focus on the great war in the Emilia Romagna region. Specific thematic workshops are held on request by teachers and educators and provide excursions and excursions in the area. Normally, the visit also involves the Animal Tower Environmental Education Center, dedicated to the Fauna and Flora of the Upper Santerno Valley, and the chestnut museum to complete a unique and stimulating experience.

For guided tours of the War-Gothic Line Museum, in addition to the battle sites and war cemeteries of Santerno Valley, contact the numbers listed in the Ticket Office and Contact sections. The schools that normally explore the area are combined activities of the Animal Tower Environmental Learning Center, for the discovery of the Fauna and Flora of the Alta Valle di Santerno, for field lessons is a historical topic in scientific and environmental history. For visits to the Alidosi Bridge interior hall, the Museum's desk and the numbers indicated in the Ticketing and Contact section. Provide all information.

Opening time

Opening time:

Sundays and holidays - 14: 00 | 18: 00

Phone: +39 335-7747616

Address: Via Montanara, 1, 40022 Castel del Rio BO

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